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Bedlam Hall 
The Most Dreadful Birthday

In Bedlam Hall, you play as staff members at the Blackwood Estate as you scheme against each other, expose each other’s secrets and claw your way to the top, all while serving the most dysfunctional family you’ll ever meet. 


Tonally it’s a cross between Downton Abbey, The Addams Family, and the most gossipy auntie from your office. You’ll serve as the butler, maid, cook, chauffer, valet and the housekeeper as you try to keep up with the ridiculous demands of the Blackwood family while watching your back as your fellow players try to claim credit for your work and gain prestige. 


In this scenario Mathilda, the youngest of the Blackwoods is hosting a birthday party and it will be up to you lot to ensure the event goes off without a hitch…

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