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Blades in the Dark - Uprising

War is raging on the streets of Doskvold. The death of a recent crime lord has resulted in a violent power struggle between some of the biggest crime lords in the city. You and your crew however are poised to exploit this opportunity to rise in the underworld and claim a bigger piece of the pie. 


Uprising is a drop-in drop-out campaign where you will be able to take on jobs to increase the standing of your crew and grow it into Duskvald’s premiere Criminal empire. The campaign will run across several months, but fret not! If you can’t make a session, your crew mates will continue to go on jobs to spread the influence of your gang!



Blades is a fantastic heist-themed game that's incredibly easy to learn and play! No overly-complicated rulebooks, no gigantic spell tomes to pour through, and no min/max builds to mull over. You'll use your mind, imagination, and some luck from the dice to navigate through this extraordinarily fun romp!

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