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A Very Gunny Christmas

So, picture this: Christmas Eve was cruising along just fine until a wild Netrunner decked out in military gear decided to crash the party.

Now, the whole city's gone nuts with a manhunt, and every street punk is out there playing detective to snag a piece of that sweet bounty on this mysterious Santa lookalike.

The kicker? Someone in your crew is Santa's doppelgänger, and you've gotta track her down pronto to dodge the chaos or risk becoming just another casualty in the Night City holiday madness.

Time to turn this festive night into a wild quest for the real Santa and save your crew from being the weirdest Christmas story ever.

What's Cyberpunk Red

Cyberpunk Red is a thrilling tabletop RPG set in a dystopian future where advanced technology and corporate power reign supreme.


As an Edgerunner, you'll navigate the gritty streets of Night City, making choices that shape your destiny. With customizable characters, immersive storytelling, and intense action, this game offers an unforgettable experience filled with cybernetics, mercenaries, and high-stakes adventures.


Step into the dark and immersive world of Cyberpunk Red and embrace the thrilling chaos of the future.

Agents of Desire is a beginner-friendly scenario designed to be completed in 1 session. Pre-generated characters will be provided so you can hop in and play immediately!


Games Available

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