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Delta Green - Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays

Play as the FBI and solve the mysterious disappearance of 13 victims along an Arizonian Indian reservation. (2 sessions)

Delta Green - Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays

Thirteen people have vanished along Highway 70 in the Arizona desert. That stretch of road—the press already calls it the “Devil’s Highway”—runs through the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Tribal police and state investigators are at a loss. Now the FBI steps in. It sends your agents. They may find a trail of terror that leads far from Arizona and a deeper evil than they can hope to overcome.

This Delta Green scenario is likely to last for 2 sessions and will be a beginner-friendly experience. However, due to the unpredictability of TTRPGs a third session may be required. Players will don the role of FBI agents of specialised partners to assist local law enforcement. The scenario will likely be your character’s induction into Delta Green.

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