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The Dark Council

Our Very First English Jubensha Offering! (1-session experience)

The Dark Council

Heaven is on a warpath. With the son of god murdered in his own home, heaven’s gaze is upon the dark council. As demons, monsters, spirits, and manifestations of pure evil, you will play a member of The Dark Council on a quest to expose the true killer and appease the gods. Meanwhile, a struggle is taking place among you. The leadership has been ousted, and that means one of you may soon get your chance to lead the forces of hell. Will you discover the truth and fulfill your dark desires? Or will you die by the light of heaven?

The Dark Council is a Jubensha experience conducted in English. Players will all play predetermined roles and be given clues and pieces of the puzzle that they must work together to solve. However everyone has their secrets, so don’t get too comfortable with each other, you never know who may stab you in the back!

Please be aware that this game contains themes of sexual assault. As such only player 18+ will be allowed to play in the game. Unlike our regular games, please budget at least 4 hours for the game.

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