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Mausritter - Halloween

Ah Halloween, the one time of the year a young mouse can roam the woods going tree to tree for treats without a care in the world. For the past 3 years, the Cedar Tree Critters have claimed superiority over the valley and have collected the most candy! But not this year, this year it’s your turn along with the rest of the Teak Vallet Titters to claim the top spot! 


Mausritter - Halloween is a cutesy Halloween adventure where you play as mice in the woods. It’s based on Mausritter an extremely simple to pick up system and is perfect for gamers looking for a light-hearted experience this Halloween.

This adventure will utilize the Mausritter ruleset

What is Mausritter?

Mausritter is an Old School Renaissance (OSR) inspired ruleset. You play as tiny mice living in a human world where a cat could spell your doom! You'll go on adventures to help your animal friends all across the countryside as you earn your title as a hero among mouse-kind!

Being an OSR game, character creation is also simple and easy and matches its equally simple and fun ruleset.  It's a great jumping on point for beginners without any complex rules to follow.


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