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Old Changi Hospital -  Call of Cthulhu

Singapore 1997. In its final days, you and a few others are the last to be shifted out of the hospital. For you, it’s just another work day, an old building full of stories and old wives tales. But you’re about to learn that there’s no smoke without fire as strange things start to happen in the dead of night. You’re about to be in for the longest night of your life…


Old Changi Hospital is a horror adventure one-shot with local elements and folklore. The adventure is suitable for beginners to the Call of Cthulhu system, and gives veterans a chance to experience a uniquely local story.

What's Call of Cthulhu?

Call of Cthulhu is a horror and investigative role-playing game. Players take on roles as detectives and investigators on the trail of the occult in the 1920s! Many of the scenarios are also based on the work of the late HP Lovecraft.

This popular game is well-loved by many for its interesting scenarios steeped in history and simple gameplay elements.


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