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Voyages in the Dark Caribbean

Set sail in a tabletop adventure like no other, where the Caribbean Sea of an alternate history teems with undead horrors and the salty winds bear the echoes of long-forgotten legends. In this treacherous realm, pirate captains and enigmatic kings hold sway over vast, uncharted waters, each vying for dominion and lost treasures beyond imagination.

As a fearless pirate, you'll navigate a world where the living and the dead share the same shores, and where alliances are as fragile as a ship's mast in a hurricane. Embark on daring raids, engage in high-stakes sword fights, and navigate the ghost-infested islands that hold untold riches and ancient curses. Your choices will shape the destiny of the seas, and the line between hero and villain blurs in this swashbuckling tabletop RPG.

Are you ready to carve your name into the pages of history as a legendary pirate of the undead Caribbean?

Voyages in the Undead Carribean is a drop-in drop-out campaign suitable for players of all experience levels! Join us for a piratey good time!


PIRATE BORG is a pirate-themed setting for the game MÖRK BORG. MÖRK BORG is an Old School Renaissance (OSR) RPG set in a world doomed to die. It's rules-light, brutal, super easy to pick up and play, and a whole lot of fun! The game is probably known more for its extremely morbid and edgy art style that carries over its themes to many of the published adventures as well. 

OSR games typically lend themselves very well towards one-shot scenarios as character creation is fast, and there's no real guarantee that your character survives the session. For an OSR game, MÖRK BORG is also very thematic, and adventures tend to give players more space to roleplay rather than dive into combat.


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