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Twisting Cave of the Pale Ones

Decades ago, the notorious pirate Red Maria terrorized the seas, leaving a trail of plunder and bloodshed in her wake. The Imperial Navy eventually brought about her demise, sparking rumors of an undiscovered treasure trove.


Now, destiny has chosen you. In your possession is a map leading to a concealed cave, promising the same riches that have eluded treasure hunters for generations.


What perils and malevolent forces await in those caverns, and what secrets has Red Maria prepared for those daring enough to seek her booty?

What's Shadowdark RPG?

Shadowdark, a rules-light dungeon crawling RPG, emerges from the creative mind of acclaimed designer Kelsy Dionne from the Arcane Library.


Tailored for players familiar with modern-day RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, this system ensures an intuitive and comprehensive tabletop role-playing experience.


Acting as a seamless bridge into the heart of the Old School Renaissance, Shadowdark combines accessible rules with fantasy tropes, introducing a mysterious and perilous twist to the gaming landscape.

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