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The king is dead! Well not yet... but let's celebrate in advance anyway!

The king is dying and needs his antidote! Unfortunately, someone mixed it up with a bunch of orders heading for the Rave of Chaos! It’s a yearly festival celebrating the creation of the keep on the borderlands where anything goes.!


But you’re on duty this year, and you’ll need to find that antidote before sinister forces use this opportunity to seize power! So try not to have too much fun…

This adventure will utilize the Cairn ruleset

What is Cairn?

Cairn is an Old School Renaissance (OSR) inspired ruleset. It's a class-less and level-less system where your equipment determines what you do best, and progression means getting better equipment. Oh and did we mention that your attacks always hit? No more waiting around for your turn only to miss and pass!

Being an OSR game, character creation is also simple and easy and matches its equally simple and fun ruleset. At just 24 A5-sized pages including the cover!


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