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Frequently Asked Questions

Eh don't busy body leh, JK. I'm sure your have some questions, what's the meaning of life, is there really hope for humanity, how to make a million dollars overnight, how do astronauts pee in their suits etc... I can't answer those, but I can answer these:

Image by Tim Mossholder

What's this whole thing about anyway?

I started this club because I was bored of playing Dungeons and Dragons after a couple of years and wanted to branch out to other RPGs. Unfortunately, options in Singapore were quite limited in that aspect so I started my own thing!

Where do you usually run your games?

I work with a few stores across Singapore and I can run games pretty much anywhere. The main places I run my games are: The Trading Card Shop in Sembawang and Paint & Play in Ang Mo Kio and occasionally at Tableminis in Macpherson and soon at Xpidemix in East Coast. I don't belong to any store and I'm a free agent :)

Usually I'm pretty flexible where I run Learn to Play Games, tutorials, and 1-shots, but for campaigns, I prefer a quiet store or stores that have private rooms. 

What kinda games do you run?

Right now, Blades in the Dark and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. But I'll be branching out soon.

Hey I found this cool game online, can you run it for my group?

Sure, lemme take a look and see if it's my style.

Why do you run paid games? My friends run it for free!

Cuz man's gotta eat! Also, I'm confident of running the games I list well enough to be worth some of your moolah. I also tend to use materials like minis, battle maps etc that cost $$$. Not to mention all the sourcebooks I buy on a monthly basis @.@

Sounds cool man but I can't make the dates / sessions

Drop me an email or get on the discord and we can work something out possibly! 

Your FAQ section is not aligned you mongaloid


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