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Unearth the Truth

Hot on the heels of the World's Fair debacle, your crew is tasked to recover an artifact of supernatural origin from the hands of Radiance Corp. It's effects are unknown, but one thing is for sure, it will spell disaster for innocent lives should it remain in the hands of the enemy. 

This a continuation of Dressed to Kill, but new adventurers can also be easily inserted into this adventure!

What is Candela Obscura?

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Prepare to embark on a gripping journey with Candela Obscura, an exciting tabletop roleplaying game that thrusts you into the shoes of investigators serving an enigmatic order.


Within the realm of gothic horror, a diverse cast of individuals converges under the banner of Candela Obscura. Together, you will unravel the mysteries of eerie phenomena, confront perilous arcane powers, and wage a relentless battle against an elusive wellspring of corruption and malevolence.


Delve into the occult, uncover secrets, and fight to preserve the fragile balance between light and darkness in Candela Obscura.

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