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Dread - The Hell House of Folly Hill

What was supposed to be a group-therapy retreat in the woods swiftly turns into a time-twisted, supernatural nightmare. Players will take on the role of the therapist and their patients as they explore Passerelle Manor in an effort to find some peace away from the hectic city. But the manor has different ideas and the group will be forced to confront what they fear the most…


The Hell House of Folly Hill is a one-shot horror adventure based on the cult-favourite Jenga powered system Dread! This game is a perfect jumping on point for people new to the world of RPGs. There are no complex character builds or even characters sheets, just roleplay and a whole lot of tension!

What is Dread?

Dread is a horror RPG all about tension. Instead of character sheets and builds, you're given a questionnaire about your character to give you the building blocks of what this character's fears, dreams, strengths, and hopes are. There are no numbers and stats here or modifiers. 

Instead of resolving checks with dice rolls instead, you take a slab off the Jenga tower and place it on top. Once the tower falls, you die. 

This game is for veteran players looking for a unique experience or new comers to the hobby to get your toes wet without worrying about "doing the wrong thing" or "character builds"


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