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Left Right Left

It's 1954 in Singapore. In the earliest days of national service, recruits have gone missing during a training exercise in Tekong.

Witnesses report that recruit Hakim has held his platoon mates hostage and is headed deeper into the jungles towards an old abandoned kampung.

With more questions than answers, you've have been called in by the commanding officer of the facility to help track down the recruits and resolve the situation using violence only as a last resort.

What will your team find deep in the forgotten wilderness, will you make it out alive?

This adventure is beginner-friendly and pre-generated characters will be provided.

What's Call of Cthulhu?

Call of Cthulhu is a horror and investigative role-playing game. Players take on roles as detectives and investigators on the trail of the occult in the 1920s! Many of the scenarios are also based on the work of the late HP Lovecraft.

This popular game is well-loved by many for its interesting scenarios steeped in history and simple gameplay elements.


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