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Alien - Chariot of the Gods

In a scenario that will evoke the tension of the original Alien movie, your awakening from cryosleep is but the prelude to a harrowing mission. You've been roused to intercept an eerie abandoned spacecraft, tasked with recovering invaluable scientific data and saving potential survivors. However, the spacecraft harbors secrets that go far deeper than the cold depths of space, and the real question is, who can you truly trust among your fellow players? The survival of not just your crew but also your own interests is on the line.

"Chariot of the Gods" is no ordinary adventure; it's a gripping initiation into the Alien RPG universe. Here, the focus is on immersive roleplay and navigating the treacherous waters of player politics. Perfect for those seeking a unique tabletop experience, filled with in-depth character interactions and player-on-player intrigue, or fans of the iconic franchise. Brace yourself for an adventure that might span multiple sessions, as you venture into a world where the line between ally and adversary blurs in the quest for survival and secrets.

What is The Alien RPG?

Alien RPG is based on the popular Alien movie franchise. 


You'll play as corporate slaves often sent to take on extremely dangerous missions in an effort to build a better life for yourself. Unfortunately, that can sometimes mean making life hell for some of your fellow players. 


PVP is very much on the table here, but it's still important to work together against the alien threat that's always stalking you in the shadows....


This game is suitable for gamers who enjoy roleplaying and dealing with interpersonal drama with fellow players and those who enjoy a sense of tension and dread.

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