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The Red House

Changi's chalets have forever been recognized as a supernatural hotspot, yet that has never deterred teenagers from reveling in a good time!


Embark on this adventure as we journey back to 1995, where you and your friends are joyfully commemorating the culmination of your 'O' Levels.


However, as your companions begin recounting eerie sightings before mysteriously disappearing, the onus falls upon you to unravel the mysteries and confront the haunting history of Changi.

This is a one-shot adventure. No experience with Call of Cthulhu is required! Beginners are welcome.

What's Call of Cthulhu?

Call of Cthulhu is a horror and investigative role-playing game. Players take on roles as detectives and investigators on the trail of the occult in the 1920s! Many of the scenarios are also based on the work of the late HP Lovecraft.

This popular game is well-loved by many for its interesting scenarios steeped in history and simple gameplay elements.


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