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Fiddler's Green

Raymond La Croix of the Brotherhood of the Coast needs your help finding his missing grandmother, Beatrix Rowan - a legendary pirate who seemingly retired to a place she called Fiddler’s Green. Legends tell of an magical Island that will provide shelter to pirates who wish to leave life on the high seas. It’s been a year since she left, but no word has been heard since. Worried, Raymond has tasked you to find Fiddler’s Green and seek Beatrix Rowan. 


This adventure will utilize the 7th Sea setting while utilizing the FATE Core System.

What's FATE?


FATE is a player-facing and narrative-focused game. That means you get to tell the story with the game master! Introduce new characters, landmarks,or features in a scene that will help you gain extra benefits, or cause your downfall...

This RPG promises to be a fantastic time for those less worried about crunch and more invested in telling a shared story as a group. Beginners will find this rules-lite system easy to understand and veterans will gain a whole new experience with adding aspects to character sand scenes.

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