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Here be Dragons - Cthulhu Dark Ages

The rural settlement of Clotton on the Ton seems an idyllic place to live, but of late the town has lost it’s cheerful demeanour. Something evil is in the air, something driving the townsfolk to madness and despair. You and your companions are sent to investigate and bring the holy light of the one true king upon what ever unholy force is responsible. 


Here be Dragons is a one-shot scenario based on Cthulhu Dark Ages - a real world medieval setting. It’s an introductory scenario suitable for new players to hop into the mythos fantasy style!

What's Cthulhu Dark Ages?

Cthulhu dark ages is a horror and investigative roleplaying game set in the same universe as Call of Cthulhu. Majority of the rules are also the same, although skills on your character sheet may differ due to the time period this is set in.


Explore the mythos as a knight, farmer or peasant in a superstitious England in 950 and 1050 CE.


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