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FATE -The Lionheart Academy

Enroll in a magical school right here in the heart of Singapore! (1-session)

FATE -The Lionheart Academy

In the heart of modern day Singapore, Lionheart Academy stands as a hidden school for the magically gifted, masquerading under the guise of an ordinary institution. Students juggle a whimsical world of magical classes and mischievous adventures, all while keeping their magical existence a secret from non-magical family and peers. Their journey through magic courses, encounters with school bullies, and secretive excursions into the city challenges them to master their powers and navigate their dual lives.

FATE is a narrative-first system where you're free to create your own abilities, spells and perks! You'll even be able to influence a scene by adding elements to it and letting your imagination run wild! This will be a beginner-friendly session so don't let that stop you!

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