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Soulbound - Reap and Sow

Defend the City of Grimwatch in the realm of the dead from the wrath of the dreaded necromancer Nagash! (1-session)

Soulbound - Reap and Sow

The Dawnbringer Crusade calls for aid! Your party has been sent to the frontlines of Shyish - realm of the dead to provide reinforcements to the city of Grimwatch against the encroaching dead. But when the Ossiach Bonereapers deliver an unthinkable ultimatum, you and your party have no choice but to lead the defense against the undead.

Soulbound is a ttrpg based on Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. It is not a wargame and you won’t need to have any miniatures. This will be a beginner-friendly session!

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