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The Adventure of the Sword Tournament


The Adventure of the Sword Tournament

The year is 510 the throne has been empty for 15 years, and all of Britain suffers under the depredations of rapacious, ambitious barons and opportunistic raiders. But there is change in the wind, a great tournament is about to take place in the city of Londanium where a new High King will be chosen. As loyal knights of King Leodegrance, you are to ride into the grand melee and earn your king his rightful throne!

Pendragon is an Arthurian TTRPG where you play as chivalrous knights questing on behalf of the kings and lords of the realm. The game is a mix of deadly and brutal combat as well as the courtly duties of a knight where intrigue is rampant and securing the future of your family is just as important. This adventure serves as an introduction to Pendragon!

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