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Honor Before Defeat

Deep in the mountains, Castle Carentan stands defiant among the stony peaks. There, Vampires with the eternal curse duel with those brave enough to confront them, only drawing blood from those whom they deem unworthy. 

Yet adventurers continuously make their pilgrimage in search of fame and fortune for the vampires of Carentan hold secrets and treasures beyond human comprehension.

What is Knave?

Check out what Knave is all about!

Knave is a classless OSR system designed by Ben Milton of Questing Beast Fame. It's a fast and easy-to-pick-up RPG designed to provide tense roleplay and to be easily adapted to old-school dungeon crawl modules.

The classless system means the items you pick up and roll for determine how you can play your class. Spells are not restricted to wizards and sorcerers, and neither are two-handed weapons only usable by warriors etc... 

If and when your character meets their end, roll up a new one in a matter of minutes and rejoin the fray!

Games Available

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