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Learn to Play Beginner Series

Pick up some new games with these beginner campaigns designed to introduce new players to the rules with adventures that will stretch your imagination! 

Each campaign will last 2-3 sessions. No prep or reading required, just show up and we'll show you the way.

Blades in the Dark - The Crow's Foot

Heist Action & Empire Building

Rise to the top of the criminal underworld in The Crow’s Foot, a district ruled by ruthless gangs and excellent heist opportunities for the enterprising criminal... Explore the steampunk city of Duskvold and build your criminal empire one heist at a time.


Pathfinder - Menace Under Otari

Fantasy Action & Adventure

The owner of the local Fishery has called upon you to investigate a strange tunnel that has appeared in the basement of her storehouse and return her stolen goods! Delve into the depths and discover the long-lost secrets of the sleepy fishing town of Otari.


Cyberpunk Action & Politics

You have been charged by the Red Knives to take control of The Outback, a city of containers built on an old derelict container ship. But the sector is crawling with other violent gang members, cultists and corporate interests... will you rise above and claim The Outback?


Call of Cthulhu - Blackwater

1920s Supernatural Investigaton

When your professor goes missing after an expedition in the countryside, you are sent to investigate. But the sleepy hamlet may have more secrets than you bargained for...

Star Wars - Scum & Villany

Sci-fi Action Adventure

Teemo the hutt has his eye on you and your crew! Stranded in the hutt-controlled city of Mos Shutta, you'll need to rely on both your wits and brawn to get out in one piece!

Screenshot 2023-08-15 033852.png


Blood Rains Over the Crimson Jungle

Medieval Japan Action Adventure

The Scarlet Temple once a place of worship has been cursed. Death magic has seeped into the lands around it and it is now up to you to heed the emperor's call and lift the curse of the Scarlet Temple.

Avatar Legends - Pirates of the Crimson Sails

Wholesome with heavy roleplay

Tensions between the Earth and Fire nation remain high after 100-year war and when a shipment of supplies goes missing, Fire Lord Zuko calls upon you to recover the goods.

Screenshot 2024-03-16 014235.png

Fallout RPG - Machine Frequency

Post Apocalyptic Action Adventure

Deep in the wasteland, a Vertibird belonging to The Brotherhood of Steel is taken down. With backup days away, the Brotherhood turns to you to rescue their stranded crew behind enemy lines...

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