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Lover's Inferno

What's Kitchen Contest?

Welcome to the RPG with a romantic twist! Drawing inspiration from reality TV gems like Single’s Inferno, Love Island, and Terrace House, each player steps into the shoes of a contestant searching for love in unconventional places. Select from unique classes such as The Pick-Me Girl, The Jock, The Fashionista, The Neurosurgeon, Overachieving Scholar, and more, activating special abilities to conquer the "PvP extravaganza." Unlike traditional RPGs, your abilities won't diminish health; instead, they'll fill up affection bars!

Will you soar to new heights and discover true love? Or will you exit the stage solo? Find out on the upcoming episode of Lover’s Inferno - The RPG!

WARNING: As the topics of discussion may be sensitive, we will be providing "X" cards for the game. Players may raise these cards if uncomfortable topics are brought up or if they wish to skip a scene. 

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