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Zodiac Redux

In an era predating humanity, the Zodiac race wielded authority over the destiny of all creatures. Mice and rats emerged as triumphant champions, relying on their cunning and swiftness.


However, the accursed cats have discovered a means to manipulate time, throwing the fate of mousekind into uncertainty.


Now, it is up to you and your fellowship of mice to journey back to the realm of the Jade Emperor and secure victory in the monumental Zodiac race, determining the future for your kind!

What is Mausritter?

Mausritter is an Old School Renaissance (OSR) inspired ruleset. You play as tiny mice living in a human world where a cat could spell your doom! You'll go on adventures to help your animal friends all across the countryside as you earn your title as a hero among mouse-kind!

Being an OSR game, character creation is also simple and easy and matches its equally simple and fun ruleset.  It's a great jumping on point for beginners without any complex rules to follow.


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