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The Perennial Crown

Tasked by the Pathfinder Society to follow in the footsteps of a founding member, you and your crew find yourselves in Bhopan, a tropical fey-infested island far from home. Selmius Foster, one of the founding member of the Pathfinder society once visited this island nearly 400 years ago for reasons unknown. There he was killed and now your task is to find out exactly what happened. 


The Perennial Crown is a structured adventure for 3rd level characters. Besides trekking through the dangerous jungle and uncovering the mystery of the late Selmius, you will also partake in local festivities allowing for fun social encounters next to classic dungeon delving. 

While we are aiming for 4 sessions, please allow for +/- 1 sessions due to the unpredictable nature of TTRPGs! Please create your own characters before joining the session.

Games Available

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