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It's 1926 in Singapore. Christ Church Secondary School is renowned for its art department and the impressive works students are able to produce. However, as of 2 nights ago, it's also known as the site of a grizzly murder.

Mr Ho - the Math Teacher's body is found in a gory state with his heart in hand. As an investigator, it is your duty to get to the bottom of this crime and serve as security for a special high school reunion party happening later this evening.

What caused Mr Ho's death and what secrets haunt the corridors? 

What's Call of Cthulhu?

Call of Cthulhu is a horror and investigative role-playing game. Players take on roles as detectives and investigators on the trail of the occult in the 1920s! Many of the scenarios are also based on the work of the late HP Lovecraft.

This popular game is well-loved by many for its interesting scenarios steeped in history and simple gameplay elements.


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