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VICID - 4 sessions (xpidemix)

  • 70 Singapore dollars
  • Xpidemix

Service Description

Important information: This is a campaign that will last 3-4 sessions. The first 2 parts will be conducted in November while the last 2 some time in December (This will be voted on as a group, we'll find a time to make it work) The November dates are: 11/11 7pm and 18/11 2pm at Xpidemix Payment will be for the first 2 sessions VISCID Two days ago, a quiet suburban neighborhood was thrust into chaos when the lifeless body of retired geneticist Tibalt Grieves was discovered outside his home. Inside, a grim scene awaited investigators: Grieves' girlfriend, also deceased. But what truly chilled their bones was the hidden laboratory, equipped with bio-hazard scrubbers and chilling, unidentifiable samples hinting at something sinister that had escaped. The bizarre twists didn't end there. At dawn, Grieves' body defied all logic, smoldering and disintegrating into nothingness. In "Viscid," you, the Agents, are entrusted with the chilling task of containing a story that teeters on the brink of public revelation. A story drenched in unnatural horrors. Your mission is to plunge headfirst into a world of clandestine, lethal forces lurking just beyond the veil of reality. As you unravel a trail of carnage, you'll find yourself drawn closer to a horrifying and enigmatic congregation. For Delta Green, survival takes a backseat to the pursuit of truth, no matter how gruesome or otherworldly that truth may be. Are you ready to unearth the darkness hidden in plain sight, to confront the unspeakable, and to preserve the world as we know it? Join our 4-session game of Delta Green, "Viscid," and embark on a journey that will test your limits, sanity, and your very existence. 🕶️ Enter the Shadows with Delta Green - Your Reality Will Never Be the Same Again!

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  • East Coast Road, Xpidemix, Singapore

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