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"An entire town disappears and they send you?! I guess the empire really is desperate..." 

Sentenced to life in the dungeons, you've never had much hope of seeing the light of day once again. Yet here you are now, dragged from the depths of a dungeon, standing in am empty field awaiting... something. 

Whether you're guilty or not isn't the question now, but what exactly happened here, how did the whole village disappear? And where were the adventurers they previously sent? And what the hell is that black thing the royal sorcerer just pulled out?

It’s your only chance at freedom so don’t fuck it up!


MÖRK BORG is an Old School Renaissance (OSR) RPG set in a world doomed to die. It's rules-light, brutal, super easy to pick up and play, and a whole lot of fun! The game is probably known more for its extremely morbid and edgy art style that carries over its themes to many of the published adventures as well. 

OSR games typically lend themselves very well towards one-shot scenarios as character creation is fast, and there's no real guarantee that your character survives the session. For an OSR game, MÖRK BORG is also very thematic, and adventures tend to give players more space to roleplay rather than dive into combat.


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