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The Kidnapping - Trail of Cthulhu

You’ve been called to investigate the kidnapping of a young child belonging to one of New York’s most powerful families but the case goes deeper than it seems on the surface. Old secrets and plans are afoot, and at the end of the trail will be a moral dilemma only you will answer. 


The Kidnapping is an introductory scenario for Trail of Cthulhu. It is designed to ease you into the system while providing a rich self-contained story playable in a single session.

What's Trail of Cthulhu?

Trail of Cthulhu is a horror and investigation RPG system with simple rules and mechanics!


Tired of missing clues because you failed your perception check? In Trail of Cthulhu, that's not a problem! Your investigative skills are unparalleled so you always find the clues. In stead, you'll spend your skill points to learn more about the clues. You may have found the secret tome under the gardener's pillow, but you have to spend some points to learn more about it's history and decipher it's secrets. 


Regular physical checks like dodge, shoot or fight still require a dice roll, so you'll still get your dice rolling fix that way without worrying about missing important clues!


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