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Aiya just die la!

Despite the zombie apocalypse, you and your band of survivors have managed to carve out a meager existence in a section of Vivocity trading with survivors in Sentosa. But when a cruise ship appears on the horizon putting both communities at risk it's up to you to prevent disaster or exploit an opportunity...

This adventure will utilize the FATE system

What's FATE?


FATE is a player-facing and narrative-focused game. That means you get to tell the story with the game master! Introduce new characters, landmarks,or features in a scene that will help you gain extra benefits, or cause your downfall...

This RPG promises to be a fantastic time for those less worried about crunch and more invested in telling a shared story as a group. Beginners will find this rules-lite system easy to understand and veterans will gain a whole new experience with adding aspects to character sand scenes.

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