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The circus is in town! Let's give them a performance they'll never forget...

The Iruvian Circus Troupe is known for their death-defying antics and is a highly-anticipated act that comes through every year. 


But this year's visit has ruffled some feathers, and there are strange rumors of precious cargo and secrets to be uncovered...


Opportunity is abound when Doskvol's greatest act comes to town!


Will you Sieze it?



The Greatest Showdown: A Circus Heist Adventure is a 3 session short campaign for Blades in the Dark. Your gang has gotten a hold of some insider information that there's some precious cargo the circus is smuggling into town. Your client is willing to pay you handsomely, but if there's one thing you know, there's always a bigger fish in the sea. What are the Iruvian's hiding? And who are they really working for?

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