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Monster of the Week - Everybody Get Psycho

In a quiet HDB Estate in Ang Mo Kio, a teenager has murdered her parents while exhibiting superhuman strength. Your team on supernatural hunters have been dispatched to investigate the situation and put an end to whatever forces have influenced such violence.


Everybody Get Psycho is a monster-hunting adventure set in Singapore in the early 2000s. It’s also an introductory scenario for Monster of the Week, an easy to pick up and learn story-first system based on the acclaimed Powerd by the Apocolypse Engine.

What is The Monster of the Week?

Monster of the Week is a story-first, monster hunter RPG based on the Powered by the Apocolypse system.

Set in the modern day, you play as a monster hunter on the prowl for supernatural beings. Typically the game begins with an investigation phase where you discover what you're fighting against and what its weaknesses are before launching an attack. 

It's pulpy, easy to pick up, and fun. So if you wanna bash monsters without the crunch of complex combat, this could be the game for you!


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