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Curse of Strahd
Part 1

Embark one of D&D's most celebrated adventures with a whole new system. Curse of Strahd takes you to the shadowy land Barovia where mystery and gothic horror await. Under the tyrannical rule of Strahd Von Varovich, Barovians eke out a meager living counting the days before their inevitable demise. But there is hope. A group of travelers with the potential to drive out the tyrant have recently found themselves lost in Barovia, as tales of glory and tragedy await them.  

Curse of Strahd part 1 will be a 4-session campaign.


Dragonbane is a roll-under D20 system that is extremely easy to pick up for new RPG players. Combat is designed to be fast and less bogged down by rules so they don't last for hours on end. You'll also be able to use talents that grant your characters special abilities and offer you a layer of customization. 

You can also choose to "multiclass" as a wizard or caster by picking up the talent to do so or pick something more specialized to distinguish your character.

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