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A Mystery in Snow

In the beautiful frozen landscape of Hokkaido, a rural village is in crisis after a spate of disappearances and the Yokai Hunters have been called!

The local priests are to conduct a ceremony to rid the mountain of yokai activity and they require support.

With barely any time to spare before the ceremony, your team is sent to investigate the area and put an end to any supernatural activity.

About Yokai Hunters Society

Yokai Hunters Society is a rules-light, role-playing game in which you fight Japanese monsters, or yokai. It's so easy to play the rules are only 36 pages long! That's including the moster manual and GM's guide too!

The game is set during the Meiji Restoration period, a time of great change in Japan as modern technology slowly takes over tradition. 

As a Yokai Hunter, you are part of a centuries-old society bent on the destruction of supernatural forces around Japan. You live a seemingly ordinary life until duty calls and you don your oni mask, ready for the hunt. 


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