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 Menace Under Otari

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Otari, a seaside town known for its maritime prowess and abundant fresh catches. Despite its logging fame, Otari is your beloved hometown, filled with memories of dockside play and enchanted woodland explorations. Today, rumors circulate about a menacing presence in the Otari Fishery's basement, threatening the town's vital salted fish supplies and instilling fear among the locals.

In a desperate plea from Tamily Tanderveil, the Fishery's owner, you're called upon to face this mysterious menace. With the town guard occupied elsewhere, she seeks brave souls to descend into the warehouse depths and put an end to the threat. The question beckons: Do you have the courage to confront the unknown peril lurking beneath Otari? The call to adventure awaits!

Menace Under Otari is a 3-session campaign designed for players new to the system! Come join us and experience one of the most popular games in the hobby.  

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