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The Walking Dead - The Wolves' Den

After a heated argument, 2 people from your former crew departed your camp in the middle of the night along with the rest of your supplies. Desperate to retrieve what’s rightfully yours, you’ll traverse dangerous zombie-infested terrain with a team that barely trusts each other. Each character has their own reasons for seeking the supplies and the missing people, and not everyone will be in agreement with what to do. 


The Wolves’ Den is an introductory adventure to the Walking Dead TTRPG. It’s a game focused on roleplay and exploration where alliances shift even between players. Recommended for players who are up for a little player-on-player intrigue!

What is The Walking Dead RPG?

The Walking Dead RPG is based on the hit AMC TV show and comic book series - The Walking Dead. 


You'll play as survivors in a dark and bleak world fighting for your lives and building a community in a zombie apocalypse while learning that sometimes, the real monsters may be your fellow survivors. 


This is by no means a hack-and-slash game. With only 3 health, YES 3 HEALTH getting into combat should be the last thing on your mind! Instead, you'll be spending your time taking on quests to build your settlement, and establish relationships with factions and other NPC and fellow players until tensions reach their breaking point... If that sounds like fun to you, this may be the game for you

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