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Play as a cute little mouse in this beginner-friendly RPG!

Hail tiny heroes! You may be small, but your brave hearts will give you more than enough courage out in the world of the giant human! 

The curse of the sunflower has blighted our lands for long enough! Even our bee friends have succumbed to its power and it will be up to you to face the dangers of the farm, save the queen bee and restore balance to the forces of nature!

This adventure will utilize the Mausritter ruleset

What is Mausritter?

Mausritter is an Old School Renaissance (OSR) inspired ruleset. You play as tiny mice living in a human world where a cat could spell your doom! You'll go on adventures to help your animal friends all across the countryside as you earn your title as a hero among mouse-kind!

Being an OSR game, character creation is also simple and easy and matches its equally simple and fun ruleset.  It's a great jumping on point for beginners without any complex rules to follow.


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